Catering for a corporate event, what you should know!

Corporations and businesses alike are constantly looking for more innovative ways to get their name and brand out to its customers. Therefore it is no surprise to see many functions or events being held by these organisations in their business calendar all throughout the year.

On top of this, there are also many meetings, conferences and seminars that are carried out by these companies in their day to day business operations.

GoCater being one of the more established and professional catering services company in KL ,will ensure the best food and services for your events.

Good food makes for a good mood. This rule works not only for your daily routine, but even more so if it is an important event or function.

If you can impress your guests with an excellent menu, the chances are you can set a positive vibe for the whole event.

It is with this in mind, that GoCater has developed a vast array of menus and packages that cater to many different types of corporate events.

Over the course of the financial year, there could potentially be hundreds, if not thousands of events organised by various corporations around town. GoCater has the breadth and width of experience in the industry to provide you the very best catering service for your event.

Awards ceremonies and company annual dinners are the usual corporate events that will be ideal for companies to engage catering services in KL. The bigger the event, the higher the expectations of guests. These are major events for any company, and thus having a caterer who handles every detail is important. The large number of invited guests and attendees will make it a huge logistical challenge for any organization to handle in-house. With a history of successfully catering for various corporate events, GoCater will undoubtedly be the choice caterer for your corporate events. Among our past and present clients range from multinationals such as AIA, Prudential right down to local institutions of higher learning such as Segi University College and Multimedia University.

Another typical corporate event that is usually held are meetings, conferences and seminars. These are targetted events with a more manageable number of people as the attendees are targetted and directed for these events. GoCater has various Pre-Packed Seminar menus that would be most suitable for these types of events.  Choose from our Pre-Packed Breakfast or even Vegetarian options that would provide nourishment for participants all through out the day, and this will allow them to focus on the information presented and contributes to the event’s overall success.

Product launches and promotions are also staple coporate events in which normally food and drinks are served. When launching a new product or service, every detail must be expertly executed, including the launch party and any promotional events. The key to a successful event is great food and even better service, whether that means providing a buffet catering or a sit-down dinner.

For events such as these, choose from GoCater’s extensive packages, such as the Finger Food Special Menu, International Finger Food Menu or even a full on Buffet Menu . On top of these, GoCater also provides additional equipment and services such as canopy, furniture, utensils and also professional wait staff if required.

The excellent cuisine and overall service experience that is served at these events will ensure that customers and guests will come away from the event with an even more memorable and enjoyable experience.

Corporate events are by nature very different functions, if compared to weddings or birthday parties for example. Therefore the catering requirements for these events would potentially require more thought and planning to execute. In any corporate event, the number of people catered for could number into the hundreds if not thousands, depending on the scale of the event.

The types of cuisine served and the level of service that is required from the catering services for these events, are expected to be carried out in the most profesional and hospitable manner. Everything from the décor, food, right down to the utensils used should be thought out carefully and mindfully. There is no room for error when it comes to corporate events. This is because any corporate event organised by any corporation, is a reflection of that company’s brand and image. GoCater has the expertise and experience in meeting your corporate event catering needs, and this is evident through our long list of glowing client testimonials over the years.

Regional specialties or locally sourced food could be served if you are planning an incentive trip or an international meeting. Not only is it a great idea for giving your guests a warm welcome to the region, but it is also much easier to find a catering service that can provide excellent local food and drink choices.  GoCater’s Asian Menu provides for many local delicacies such as Char Kuay Teow and Nasi Lemak to name a few that would certainly be a highlight to your attending guests.

For a corporate event to be organised and held in a modern metropolis like Kuala Lumpur,it not only has to be carefully and thoughtfully planned out, it should also be up to date with the changing times and landscape. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and political correctness are becoming increasingly important in the corporate sector. It is with this in mind, catering services in KLfor corporate events should also begin to incorporate these elements into their events.

A corporation that can demonstrate its underlying philosophy as a responsible and caring organization would definitely go a long way in building its brand in the market. What better way to start and to lead the way in these initiatives by taking into account these increasingly important issues into something as routine as your catering services for your corporation!

With the vast number of years serving the catering needs of well established corporations, GoCater will definitely be the caterer of choice for your corporate events!

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