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In the greater Klang Valley, being the heartbeat and pulse of the nation, there are ever-growing numbers of catering services available in the market that provides more types of food catering services that are specific to any types of occasions, festivals, parties, informal settings, and corporate events. It is therefore essential for catering companies to provide guests with the best possible culinary experience for events to be successful.

GoCater stands out as a premier catering company that provides a wide range of catering services as well as customized packages that meet every requirement.  With over 30 years of experience in the catering business, we have a wide variety of catering packages and menus that are carefully concocted and formulated to meet your every need!

Corporate events catering are a forte of GoCater’s expertise and will surely leave your guests in awe at your event. Corporate events are occasions that will undeniably require professional and adequate catering services. From small office meetings and trainings to grand regional events, the team at GoCater will look into every detail of your catering to ensure a smooth delivery. The demand for the highest quality of food and services is essential, in ensuring the success of the event. GoCater focuses on providing not only the best food, but also the best experience for professionals well suited for any corporate event. Choose from our Seminar Menu, which offers Asian or Western cuisine that can also be customized to your exacting need.

Wedding catering services is becoming an increasingly growing trend. At GoCater we believe that no wedding reception is complete without a wide array of dishes to satisfy the appetite of the guests. Wedding catering, as the name suggests, aims to supply sumptuous dishes as well as an enchanting ambience for the guests of the bride and groom on their special day. Our Chinese Banquet Wedding Menu has a wide variety of auspicious and captivating dishes that will whet the appetites of even your most fussy guests. 

Another type of commonly catered for service is buffet catering.  GoCater’s buffet offerings have an abundant variety of selection and choices. The menus and choices of food are virtually limitless, depending on the occasion and the budget of the client. For a buffet catering, the number of varieties and choices of food can be as extensive or as varied depending on your preference. GoCater’s extensive list of foods in our buffet menus will surely have something that will fit any occasion or function that you are planning.

A high tea or cocktail reception catering places great emphasis on easy to eat delectable finger food and snacks or desserts for the guests. The GoCater Grand HiTea menu has a variety of scrumptious and premium selections to choose from, such as pasta salad, samosas and chocolate éclairs to name a few. The menu is put together to showcase a stunning and appetizing presentation, and at the same time is also very manageable to enable attendees to meet and mingle, carrying plates of food that are easy to consume.

Mobile catering, which can include food carts or food stalls, is an increasingly popular catering service that is sought after by clients. Look no further as GoCater’s Asian Stall menu was inspired and formulated specifically for a function like this. This type of catering service could potentially be useful to introduce and highlight popular local cuisine to foreign or overseas guests that are attending the function or event. Our Asian Stall menu has many local delights such as char kuey teow, nasi lemak, satay and many more that will surely leave guests hungry for more.

With the many types of catering services and companies available out there, there are potentially many things and factors to take into consideration when choosing the right one.

Consider the level of services that you need for your catering.

Some caterers will only prepare and deliver you the food you ordered. They may not provide cutlery, tables, chairs, etc. Others can provide full scale catering that can include location settings and fully trained wait staff and support personnel. If you are having a formal event requiring sit down service then you want a catering company that is better known and experienced enough in the industry to handle your needs. GoCater has extensive experience and knowledge in the business to be able to provide you the catering services you need.

Take into account the budget that you have for your function.

How much money you have set aside in your event budget for catering will most certainly also help you in determining the right catering service for you. At GoCater, we believe that every event should be a memorable one; clients can also consult with us to come up with customized packages and menus that have the variety and quality that will meet your budget.

Consider the potential attendees or guests for your functions.

If you are catering for a children’s birthday party for example, the requirements from the types and variety of food right down to the utensils used might differ vastly to if you are catering for a company function. One would potentially require a more fun and lively setting compared to a more professional and formal setting for the company function. The dietary requirements due to health or religious beliefs of guests, would also determine the type of food served at your function. GoCater has an extensive Kids menu and also a Vegetarian menu that would most certainly meet those requirements.

Research and understand the catering company’s specialty.

Some catering service companies specialize in larger scale events such as regional events, weddings, etc. and have the equipment and expertise to professionally handle larger numbers of guests. Other caterers specialize in smaller intimate events, family celebrations, cocktail parties, or even just delivery of catered food. GoCater has the expertise and industry experience to cater for almost all your functions. Do consult us on catering for your up coming events and you will surely be making the right choice!

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