Creating and Selecting a Buffet Catering for You!

Planning an event is never easy. It requires you to be meticulous when looking into many details before making a decision, details such as the event type, event theme, venue, setting, budget, meals etc. If your event is a catered event, the meals served would be one of the highlights of the day so do not neglect the importance of choosing the right event caterer. Good food makes people happy and you definitely wish that your event would be a successful one. The menus, food selections, taste, display, presentation, service and reviews all should be taken into consideration in helping you make the right choice, making your event as meaningful and memorable as possible.

In this modern era where food is not merely a means of daily sustenance, dining is an experience in itself. Today, food comes in various forms, and it comes in various tastes, but what are the best kind of food to satisfy guests from all walks of life? Well, there is nothing better than an all-you-can-eat buffet dining experience. If you are hesitating between plated and buffet catering, both have their own advantages. It all depends on the event setting, venue, and theme. For instance, plated meals are more suitable for formal events, while buffet is a great option for wedding reception or casual events like birthday parties or festive celebrations. 

Buffet dining is a popular choice for catering services because of the wide array of food selections, but do you know that a buffet catering actually actually cost less than plated meals? You heard it right. Buffet catering requires fewer waiters as guests generally help themselves. Furthermore, guests get to choose what they want to have and don’t want to have. In this way, you can ensure very little food wastage. You get to save on both food and services. Besides, your guests can have an enormous selection of food all at one go. Food selections are personal choices and plated meals might not be the best dining experience for every guests, simply because they are served with a fewer pre-selected menus, which might not be their preference. In comparison, buffet catering offers guests the freedom and flexibility to choose their food based on their liking.

Buffet catering also encourages guests to socialise and interact with other guests at the event. Due to the table setting, buffet catering allows guests to move around freely and have a conversation with every other guest, making new friends while enjoying the food. On the other hand, plated meals are comparatively more restrictive as guests tend to sit still at where their own seat and would rarely move around at the event. Guests tend to be more awkward and constrained at plated dinners due to the proper table setting, limited space and tense atmosphere. Furthermore, it is important to take into consideration the dietary restrictions of the guests at the event. You should be expecting Muslim guests and guests who could be vegetarian at the event. Therefore, you might prefer halal meals to serve food that are suitable for all guests. In all cases, buffet catering would be a brilliant option that could offer something for everyone, whether is halal or non-halal, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, spicy or not spicy, and the list goes on.

At this juncture, if planning for the meals alone make you feel distressed, do not fret about it! A professional and experienced caterer could come in handy. All you need to do is to communicate with your caterer and let them know about your guests’ dietary restrictions, and your caterer will help you to design and plan the menu options accordingly. Let the professional do the job.

Gocater is one of the highly recommended catering services in KL. Being the Top 10 recommended Asian cuisine and finger food caterer in Klang Valley, Gocater specialises in wedding catering, corporate catering, events catering, finger food catering and many more. When it comes to food selections, there is definitely something that Gocater could offer. You name it, we have it. 

Being one of the best food catering services in KL, Gocater offers affordable all-you-can-eat buffet catering with full table services and elegant decorations buffet line for company events, wedding events, festive events including Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Christmas etc. without breaking your wallet. Gocater offers a variety of food selections. Our buffet lines up an array of mouth watering local, Asian and international cuisines, bringing together specialties such as Asian delights, Western cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Chinese Thai cuisine, Chinese Western Fusion cuisine, Asian stall concept street food, canape, fingerfood, kids favourites, vegetarians in our specially crafted menus, including selections like Mexican food, budget Asian and makan selera options, and even pre-packed meals, just to name a few. At Gocater, focusing on food quality is our forte.

Whether you are looking for buffet catering for your company event, your son’s birthday or your house warming celebration, we could humbly admit that we have everything and to suit your needs. Our wide selections of catering menus and packages could surely fulfil your needs and expectations, while ensuring that you do not exceed your catering budget. Do check out Gocater’s website to find out more on our catering menus and packages.

Our selections of catering menus and packages are designed in such a way to suit the meal preferences of general Malaysians at large. However, if you are looking for something special, something extraordinary and unprecedented, we are more than welcome to take up the challenge and try our utmost best to fulfil your needs. Gocater is very excited and delighted to customise and plan a menu and catering package exclusively for you. Give us a ring or drop us a text on whatsapp. The enthusiatic and passionate Gocater team will reach out to you, try to understand your needs and requirements, brainstorm with our professional chefs and deliver something exclusively for you. Gocater offers free consultation and quotation services to all potential customers.

Gocater’s mission is to bring the exclusivity of a superb restaurant to your doorstep. At Gocater, we are passionate about our vision to offer exceptional catering services to every corner of Klang Valley. 

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